• Tahoe's Best Pizza

    We have been voted Best Pizza in South Lake Tahoe for the past 15 years. Come in and see what everyone is talking about!

  • Established in 1973

    We are celebrating our 42nd year as your favorite pizza restaurant. Come in and see us soon!

  • Signature Pizza Dough

    We have four different types of dough that is made fresh daily: Whole Wheat, Corn Crust, Thin Crust and Gluten Free

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Made on our famous homemade doughs, topped with the following ingredients, cut into small slices and served with homemade Ranch dressing
Fresh Garlic Chips $5.95
Your choice of house dough or whole wheat with mozzarella, spices and fresh garlic
Pesto Chips $5.95
Homemade pesto sauce with your choice of house dough or whole wheat with mozzarella and spices
Hot Chips $5.95
Cheddar and jalapeno on homemade corn dough - Spicy!

Salad and Pasta

One Trip $4.95
One Trip with any Pizza $3.95
All You Can Eat Salad Bar $8.50
Spaghetti Dinner $12.25
Includes salad bar, garlic chips, spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce
Spaghetti - A La Carte $5.95
Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce - A La Carte $6.95
Child's Portion - 12 and Under Only Please $4.50
Includes spaghetti with marinara sauce and a meatball


Pocket-style, Wheat or House Dough - Served with pasta salad and an orange wedge
Canadian-Style Bacon $7.95
Plenty tasty with mozzarella, onions and tomatoes
Meatball $7.95
Our very own sausage-beef meatballs in marinara sauce and mozzarella
Pepperoni $7.95
Marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese
The Veggie $7.95
Mushrooms, olives, avocado, bell pepper, onion, tomato, zucchini and mozzarella
Pesto Sauce is an additional $.75

Create Your Own Pizza

Our dough is thin crust with rolled edges - No edges on request
Homemade Dough - Standard
Whole Wheat Dough
Corn Crust Dough
Gluten Free Dough - Small and Medium Only - Additional cost

Homemade Sauces


"Old Country Style" - Standard Mozzarella - Standard
Marinara Sauce (Sweet) Sharp Cheddar
BBQ Sauce (Medium Hot) Feta
Alfredo Sauce - Creamy Non-Dairy (Additional Cost)
Pesto Sauce  
Picante Sauce (Medium Hot)  

Meat and Seafood Toppings

Anchovies Meatballs (Spicy)
Canadian Bacon Pepperoni
Linguica Salami
Chicken Snow Crab
Ground Beef Sausage (Spicy)

Fruit and Vegetable Toppings

Artichoke Hearts Fresh Spinach
Avocado Jalapeno Peppers (Hot)
Bell Pepper Mushroom
Broccoli Pepperoncini (Medium Hot)
Black Olives Pineapple
Black Beans Red Onions
Fresh Basil Spinach and Garlic (Sauteed in Butter)
Fresh Garlic Sundried Tomatoes
Fresh Tomatoes Zucchini
  Small Medium Large
1 Item $11.50 $14.50 $18.00
Each Additional Item $1.00 $1.25 $1.50


Super Combinations Small - 11" Medium - 13" Large - 15"
  6 Slices 8 Slices 10 Slices
Jackpot (Anchovies Extra) $16.50 $19.75 $23.00
Pepperoni, Salami, Tender Beef, Onion, Bell Peppers, Sausage, Olives, Mushrooms
Fresh Garden $16.50 $19.75 $23.00
Mushrooms, Olives, Green Bell Peppers, Onions, Zucchini, Raw Tomatoes, Raw Avocado
Tahoe Delight $14.00 $17.25 $20.50
Sausage, Mushrooms, Beef, Onion
Mogul Masher $14.00 $17.25 $20.50
Pepperoni, Salami, Olives, Mushrooms
Alpine Appetizer $13.50 $16.75 $20.00
Canadian Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomatoes
Tropical Treat $12.50 $15.75 $19.00
Canadian Bacon and Pineapple
Mean Greek $15.75 $19.00 $21.20
Sundried Tomatoes, Sauteed Spinach and Garlic, Feta Cheese, Red Onions, Pepperoncini, Chicken
Cheese $11.25 $14.50 $16.75
100% Mozzarella and Homemade Sauce
Margherita $12.50 $15.75 $19.00
Fresh Basil, Raw Tomatoes, Mozzarella with Marinara Sauce or Olive Oil
Gourmet Specialties Small - 11" Medium - 13" Large - 15"
  6 Slices 8 Slices 10 Slices
Acapulco Gold $16.50 $19.75 $23.00
Made on a special Corn Blend Dough with Picante Sauce (medium hot), Spicy Beef, Onions, Bell Pepper, Olives, Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella with Avocado and Tomatoes on top
Gut Buster $16.50 $19.75 $23.00
Linguica, Pepperoni, Sausage, Onion, Bell Pepper, Sharp Cheddar, Pepperoncini
Meatball $12.50 $15.75 $19.00
Meaty Homemade Meatballs, Pepperoni with Marinara Sauce
Spinach-Garlic-Seafood $13.50 $16.75 $20.00
Sauteed Spinach in Butter, Fresh Garlic, Artichoke Hearts and a Crab Blend - Choice of Creamy Alfredo or Pesto Sauce
Barnyard Massacre $16.50 $19.75 $23.00
Pepperoni, Salami, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Linguica, Cheddar Cheese
Southwestern Chicken $16.50 $19.75 $23.00
BBQ Sauce (Medium Hot), Chicken, Onions, Bell Peppers, Black Beans, Diced Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese
Garlic Chicken $13.50 $16.75 $20.00
Creamy Alfredo Sauce, Mushrooms, Chicken, Fresh Garlic
Green Giant $14.75 $18.25 $21.45
Fresh Spinach, Zucchini, Red Onion, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Pesto Sauce
Lean Garden $15.50 $18.75 $22.00
Broccoli, Fresh Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Pineapple, Zuchini, Very Light Cheese
Calories Per Slice: Small: 138 calories Medium: 148 calories Large:158 calories
California Cuisine $16.50 $18.75 $23.00
Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Sundried Tomatoes, Red Onions, Bell Peppers, Pineapple, Pepperoncini, Very Light Cheese
Calories Per Slice: Small: 154 calories Medium: 165 calories Large:171 calories

Our large selection of beverages include Soft Drinks, Iced Tea, Milk, Root Beer Float, Apple Juice, Lemonade, Coffee

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"This is my go-to pizza parlor. The staff is friendly, and it's locally owned. They make crusts thin or thick, and have whole wheat and cornbread crusts as well. They also have vegan cheese- I think they use the Daiya brand. Pretty good salad bar; all the items are always fresh. Decent wine and beer selection, and big TVs. Love this place!"
- Jana Menard
"Super yummy pizza. I am a pizza snob. No conveyor belt here. The real deal pizza oven. Yumz."
- Gerasimos Christoforatos
"I have to get pizza here every time I'm in town! It's so good."
- Dane Hagfeldt
"Great crust. Handmade."
- William Ponkowski
"Tahoe has few distinct restaurants to call its own, but Lake Tahoe Pizza is definitely one of the best places to eat in south shore. It's not traditional pizza by any means, but it's delicious. The decor is wood-paneled and cozy, especially nice in the winter. Make sure you get the Acapulco Gold for the cornmeal crust."
- Past Satisfied Customer
"Most "awesomest" pizza I've had in a ling time! we even got here close to closing (unaware of the closing time) and they graciously let us stay and enjoy! Even the salad bar was still fresh at closing. DEFINITELY VISIT IF UR EVER IN SOUTH TAHOE!"
- Past Satisfied Customer
"We got two cheese-free, gluten free pizzas. One with pepperoni, canadian bacon, and sausage, and one with about 10 veggies plus guacamole. They were BY FAR the most delicious gluten free pizzas we've ever had, and we've even perfected the art of making our own. The crust was almost as good as a donut - which we can't have, due to gluten intolerance. If you are near South Tahoe, GO to Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. Even if you normally enjoy gluten-laden pizza, this gluten free pizza will BLOW YOUR MIND! "
- Past Satisfied Customer

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